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Read our most frequently asked questions to find out how why it is important for business owners to reach their clients in a digital manner. 

frequently asked questions answered about our services

While social media is a great tool to get your business name recognized. A website adds credibility to your organization in a way that best show cases your business personality.

From a logistics point of view a website gives you a destination for your social media followers to go to. This in-turn allows you to track your current customers and learn where, and how they are finding you. In turn it can help confirm your target market and reduce your marketing budget.

When looking to create a website I suggest starting with a simple formula. 

Vision: What is it that you want your website to look like? What colors, fonts, and images are you looking to use? Do you want everything on one page or multiple pages? This creates your companies brand, for customer’s to recognize you. 

Portfolio: Show case your best work for others to see how awesome you are! Have a set of pictures, clips and videos that will help drive your message and engage with your audience. 

Audience:  One of the hardest things a website can do is want to reach everyone! Instead focus on who it is that you truly want to work with and how do you plan to connect with them. Where are you most likely to find your audience? 

Please review our services page to find out which plan fits you best.

If you are looking for more customized services please feel free to contact me and lets discuss how we can implement your ideas on your site. 

That depends on you. What are you looking for? Using a front-end web developer allows you to have a website created in a much quicker turn around time.

Another perk is that once the site is complete you can make simple edits with confidence knowing that no coding is required. 

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